We welcome referrals for treatment and second opinions in the following areas:

  • Dental Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Minor Oral Surgery

How to refer a patient to us

A patient may be referred by:

  • Completing our online form below
  • Writing us a letter
  • Calling us on 01530 811 303

Upon receiving your referral, our patient care co-ordinator will make contact with your patient to arrange a convenient appointment for an initial consultation. This allows our team to fully assess the needs of each patient and to direct their treatment and care in the best possible way. Since every patient is different, it is only possible to accurately set the cost of individual treatment plans following a thorough assessment.

We will then provide the patient with a written treatment plan and, before commencing treatment, we will usually see the patient for a follow-up consultation to check that the treatment plan meets with the patient’s wishes.

For restorative cases, treatment planning will take into consideration the prognosis of each individual tooth. It is usually necessary to have articulated study models made so that a detailed assessment and analysis can be made of a patient’s occlusion prior to finalising the definitive treatment plan.

At the end of the treatment process, we will then return the patient back to you for your continuing care and provide you with a written report of any treatment that has been carried out.

To help assist us with the referral process, we would be most grateful if you could include any relevant history and recent radiographs with your referral. Any radiographs will then be returned to you at the end of the treatment.

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