Costs for NHS Patients

    Proof of your entitlement

    Proof of entitlement will be asked at registration and every ongoing examination as circumstances can change.

    Patients can incur a fine of £100 if they provide us with incorrect benefits information. It is not the responsibility of JDRM dental care ltd to ensure benefits information is correct. If the patients thinks they are entitled and do not have the correct information to present then JDRM Dental care may have to be charge the patient, but the patient can then claim the fees back with the NHS BSA.

    NHS Low Income Scheme

    The NHS Low Income Scheme provides income-related help to people not exempt from charges but who may be entitled to full or partial help with healthcare costs if they have a low income. Anyone can apply as long as they don't have savings or investments over the capital limit. In England, the capital limit is £16,000 (or £23,250 if you live permanently in a care home).

    Help is based on a comparison between your weekly income and assessed requirements at the time the claim is made. Entitlement broadly follows Income Support rules to decide how much, if anything, you have to pay towards your healthcare costs, including dental treatment costs.

    The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) website has more information about the NHS Low Income Scheme, including how to apply.

    Are you entitled to free NHS care?