Smile in a Day

If you’re looking to renew your smile without lengthy processes dragging you down, you’ve just found your perfect solution.

How Does It Work?

The Smile in a Day system is unlike any other traditional implant and restoration method. Two dental implants are fixed permanently to the front of your jaw and an additional two are fitted to the back.

When being attached, they are specially positioned to avoid bone grafting. As a result you are presented with a perfectly positioned and stabilised framework, ready for a full arch of teeth to fit. This will adapt to the contours of your mouth for a natural and comfortable feel.

How Can I Benefit?

As the name suggests, Smile in a Day is a quick process as it can be completed in just one day. It also involves fewer implants, while providing bone level stabilisation and support for both your jawbone and teeth, giving a more youthful appearance.

It can make restoration a lot easier too, by reducing the need for bone grafting or a sinus lift, preventing problems with removable dentures and making chewing food a more effective and comfortable experience.

As well as the above benefits it’s good to also consider the more personal advantages. A great example is how your self-esteem will improve, allowing you to feel more confident in many aspects of life, particularly with your appearance and meeting new people.

It is also considered the stress-free option as it provides long-term results with minimal recovery time. Without forgetting the reduced costs when compared to single implants.

Where Can I Find This Treatment?

Smile a Day is suitable for patients who have previously lost their teeth or will in the future. However, if you do suffer with gum disease, diabetes or are a heavy smoker, please discuss this treatment with your dentist first as there may be some things you need to consider

Here at JDRM Dental Care we cater to both NHS and private patients with a range of treatments, including Smile in a Day. For more information visit our please click here or call a member of our friendly team on 01530 811 303.

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