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JDRM Dental Care - Oral Health Education Despite the many improvements in oral health over the last 30 years, the elderly and families on lower incomes are more likely to suffer from oral health problems. That is why National Smile Month plays a fundamental role in promoting oral health in local communities. It’s such a great campaign as it helps families from all walks of life to become engaged with the importance of their oral health. At JDRM Dental Care our head nurse Kristen who has been with us for over a year now, has just recently qualified with her post graduate qualification in Oral Health Education for Dental Professionals. Kristen’s role as Oral Health Educator includes regularly visiting schools and nurseries to educate children in the importance of regular teeth brushing! pic11 In February, Kristen visited Christ Church Pre-School as part of this Oral Health Education. During this visit, the children learned a lot during her visit and using her puppet dentist, this prompted a lot of discussions about healthy eating and the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day.  The children also enjoyed telling their parents all about her visit to their school too. image001 Kristen also runs clinics at JDRM Dental Care for adults and children who need a helping hand. Speak to the reception team to find out more! There are a number of simple ways that you can help prevent oral health problems and these can all be done at home after you consumed food and drink. To help yourself, make sure that you brush and floss your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Preferably with a soft bristled toothbrush or even better with an electric toothbrush accompanied with toothpaste that contains fluoride. In addition to this, JDRM Dental Care recommend that you visit your dentist twice a year so that any preventative techniques can be applied to help prevent the onset of gum disease. By following these techniques and any advice given, you can help to keep your teeth healthy for life. So visit us today by calling us on 01530 811 303.
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