How your dentist helps to maintain good oral health

We all know that it is important to visit the dentist, but we don’t always keep our appointments. Here, as part of Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, we explain why making scheduled visits to the dentist is not only vital to keeping a healthy smile, but could also be lifesaving.

Keeping tabs

During a routine check-up your dentist has an opportunity to make a full inspection of your teeth and gums and identify any adjustments you should make to your oral health and hygiene. Small changes such as altering the way you brush your teeth or suggesting the use of interdental picks can really make a significant difference.

Identifying problems

If there are any underlying issues with your teeth, spotting them quickly gives your dentist plenty of time to implement preventative treatment, helping to avoid pain and even tooth loss. These issues are normally identified and treated during routine appointments, where your dentist can combat basic issues such as built up plaque.

Avoiding gum disease

The early symptoms of gum disease can be identified well before bigger issues arise, making regular check-ups important. If you find that your gums are sensitive or bleed when you brush your teeth, your dentist will propose a course of treatment that will help to avoid issues related to gum disease, such as tooth loss and periodontitis.

Spotting Mouth Cancer

The most common symptoms of mouth cancer are very sore mouth ulcers that don’t seem to react to treatment, and persistent lumps, swelling or red patches in the mouth or on the tongue that don’t heal within three weeks. Your dentist will always look for signs of mouth cancer during a standard appointment, so a check-up may just save your life.

Checking on previous work

When your dentist performs any significant treatment it’s vital that it can be reviewed at your next appointment. So whether you’ve had a filling, bridge or dental implant, it’s important to attend a check-up so your dentist can make sure that the treatment was successful and that there are no signs of further issues or infections.

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