Get Whiter Teeth in time for Christmas with our Enlighten Teeth Whitening Offer

With the summer holidays behind us there is only one thing to look forward to – Christmas!  This might sound like the best way to get you through the next few months of dwindling daylight and gift planning, but, if you are embarrassed by your stained teeth, the last thing you’ll be anticipating is smiling in the festive photographs.

The good news is you can look forward to Christmas thanks to our Enlighten Teeth Whitening offer.

Usually priced at £550, we are currently offering a £100 discount off this treatment until 31st December 2017.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening Special Offer

Enlighten is a simple, affordable and safe teeth whitening treatment and the only system that guarantees a B1 shade – the lightest available on a UK shade guide.

How does Enlighten teeth whitening work?

We’ll start your treatment by talking moulds of your mouth so we can provide you with custom made whitening trays.  You will then use these trays at home with the bleach gel we have provided you with, wearing the trays in bed for a two-week period.  We’ll make an appointment for you to come back at the end of these two weeks for the final in-surgery whitening treatment.

The results will speak for themselves and you’ll notice a dramatic difference in the shade of your teeth.

With some very simple maintenance, you can retain this whiter shade for years to come.  We recommend avoiding foods and drinks that can cause staining such as tea, coffee and curry, and of course, refraining from smoking.  We will also recommend toothpaste or serum that will prolong the whiteness of your new smile.

For more information on getting whiter teeth or to take advantage of our Enlighten Teeth Whitening offer, please contact our practice today on 01530 811 303 or ask at your next appointment.

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